7 únor – February

1.2. 2012  Wednesday         vomiting at home
(Are you pregnant? Everybody was asking..)

2.2. 2012 Thursday           Coke and rolls helped me a lot

3.2. 2012 Friday             My favourite painting

4.2. 2012 Saturday           Missing Milano and my people

5.2. 2012 Sunday          my mandala

6.2. 2012  Monday             Pausa Cafe, Femme Fatale

7.2.2012  Tuesday           Something went wrong – fire and water together? WTF?!

8.2.2012  Wednesday            goodbye! goodbye!

9.2.2012  Thursday         new boiler and new bed, not so bad…

10.2.2012  Friday                   Prague in February…

11. 2. 2012 Saturday                       Yeah, I wish I have a chance to change everything easily like that…

12.2. 2012 Sunday                  Nice, so nice Vitra.

13.2. 2012 Monday                Traditional Czech Hamburger…really?!

14.2.2012 Tuesday                      I´ve got a mail…:-) Thank you Lenka!

15.2. 2012 Wednesday                    Scary, scary, scary…

16.2. 2012 Thursday                    Another change…hope my back will hurt less

17.2. 2012  Friday                           On the train to hell

18.2.2012  Saturday                            Lázně  Bohdaneč

19.2.2012  Sunday                  Can we go home, please?

20.2.2012  Monday                        Ring the bell

21.2.2012  Tuesday                         Ildebrando D´Arcangelo  What a name, what a face, what a lovely citylight….

22.2.2012 Wednesday                           Moon cup…Me Luna with glitters oh yeah

23.2.2012  Thursday                         The Horse

24.2.2012  Friday                      My shoes had a party, I guess…

25.2.2012  Saturday                             Charles University

26.2.2012 Sunday                   ANONYMUS and ACTA

27.2.2012  Monday                          Nice to see you again!

28.2.2012  Tuesday                    As I wrote yesterday –  in my post Keep Smiling!

29.2.2012  Wednesday                 I packed his stuff and now, I am waiting  
Thank you for lending me your PC.

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