3 říjen – October

1.10.2011  Saturday     Passion Terapy as Post it – made by my Dear

Who knows who´s this number....

2.10. Sunday   My Dear working on the roof

Satelite satelite...

3.10.  Monday      my desk

I love my work

4.10.  Tuesday   Someone got brasilian depilation (as me)

Hello boy!

5.10.  Wednesday   I know, I am Czech

Kde domov můj, kde domov můj...

6.10.  Thursday   Nice dog is gone :-(


7.10. Friday    Lush „bag“

The way how to pack a gift in a Japanise ways

8.10.  Saturday   I was too drunk to take a picture that day, sorry…

9.10. Sunday  Morning after Popo café



10.10.  Monday  sweet snack  

Na Hutích


11.10. Tuesday  Celebrating our first Post on the blog

Café Palanda

12.10. Wednesday   The Love Letter

Ups...It´s Remarque´s fault!

13.10. Thursday  sometimes my job is funny


14.10.  Friday  Sometime my job is inspiring


15.10. Saturday  Selský dvůr

Country hotel in Prague

16.10.  Sunday   The morning after

Strange morning

17. 10. Monday   New flowers

I hope I won´t kill them again

18.10. Tuesday   Lovely day in Karlin

I love Karlin, my ghetto

19.10.  Wednesday  Guilty pleasure

We did it again and again

20.10.  Thursday and my job again

It looked lovely but my ass was freezing

21.10. Friday Waiting for my Dear 

Waitnig, waiting and waiting

22.10.  Saturday  Cake Break

Bow wow wow wow!

22.10.  Sunday  Love my new old Bow wow wow

I want candy!

24.10.  Monday  The key to Shanghai

So it´s time to plan a trip

25.10.  Tuesday  If you wake up one hour earlier

you need a terapy

26.10.  Wednesday  Lunch!

U Veverky

27.10.  Thursday  My job again and again

Lovely part of Prague

28.10.  Friday   Very romantic moment of this month

We wished for all we can wish for :-) Thank you Universe!

29. 10. Saturday    Smashing  Pumpkings…lalalala


30.10.  Sunday  I am soo soo goood! Lovely weekend!

The candle was lighting the whole night

31.10.  Monday Back to city with homemade cookies

Good morning sunshine!

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