6 leden – January

Happy year 2012…she said

1. 1. 2012 Sunday – New Year´s resolution- antiage serum

2.1.  Monday Architect who made Baba in 30´s

3.1. Tuesday sow-bread

4.1. Wednesday Be Careful What You Wish For…yeah, definitely

5.1. Thursday  sales

6.1. Friday  Party at my neighbours´

7.1. Saturday Roudnice – my land

8.1. Sunday Easy like Sunday Morning…

9.1. Monday  Lady from Fashion Hell…hell yeah

10. 1. Tuesday Thann best cosmetics ever

11. 1. Wednesday  on my way home

12. 1. Thursday  when we are together, every moment is a gift

13.1. Friday  Municipal House

14.1. Saturday  Karlín

15. 1. Sunday  Geox – my new friends

16.1. Monday  Red red red

17.1. Tuesday  Geox again

18.1. Wednesday  an open relationship…really?!

19.1. Thursday sweet, so sweet

20.1. Friday  Party on the roof with…a view

21. 1. Saturday  some details

22.1. Sunday Milan – twice as nice – creps with Bianca
                                                       and Superman in fnac

23.1. Monday pizza with Bianca and night tram from E.

24.1. Tuesday  way to Firenze, dinner with Tinka

25.1. Wednesday  Morning in Firenze, best pizza ever

26. 1. Thursday Brugherio with Evelyn

27.1. Friday  Morning at Bifi, Mamma Bellissima came

28.1. Saturday Sofia and two pieces newspapers

29.1. Sunday  Lady in Coin (looked like from Alice in Wonderland, but this lady was real :-), wc at indian aperitivo Maharadja

30.1. Monday leaving Milan

31.1. Tuesday back in Prague – prodám mezery do žebříku, ponožky pro rybičky, dveře od motorky, stěrače od ponorky, rukavice pro hada…chi chi chi

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